Monday, October 8, 2012

Citations have returned to The Online Slang Dictionary

Hello slang fans!

About a year ago, I had to remove all of the 4,500 or so citations from The Online Slang Dictionary because Google was penalizing the site for showing them. (You can read more about that penalty on this page.)

I'm happy to announce that citations have returned! I think I've figured out a way to show that content - content that's important for a dictionary to have - without being penalized by Google. Hopefully.

While there's no way (currently) to filter definitions to see only the ones with citations, all words-of-the-day have citations. The past WOTDs can be viewed here.

-- Walter (

P.S. Techies: you need to have Javascript enabled to view the citations. Unfortunately, due to Google's predilection for penalty, there's no way around that. :(

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