Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Online Slang Dictionary: Introducing Vulgarity Meters

Hello slang fans!

Dictionaries are great at telling you what a word means, but not so great at telling you whether you should use the word in polite company.

The Online Slang Dictionary now has Vulgarity Meters - see at a glance whether a slang word is workplace appropriate (or ever appropriate.)

Stop by the slang dictionary and view a definition to see how it works. (Look for the red chili peppers.) Weigh in with your votes to save others the embarrassment of Accidental Inappropriate Slang Use.

-- Walter (waltergr@aol.com)

P.S. If you have an account (or sign up for one) your vulgarity votes will be saved to your account - but they're not yet visible from your Profile page. I'll be fixing that soon.